London & Zurich, July 22nd 2015 – My e-book campaign is over. The OpenStack Explained ebook collected almost 5’000 CHF that will allow Helvetas to help the Nepalese population after the terrible earthquake of last April 2015.
I must admit that the initial goal of 20’000 CHF was pretty ambitious: it was based on my calculation that my previous publication on the subject (Comparing IaaS) had almost 30’000 views on Slideshare.
I honestly don’t if the donation of even 1 CHF was a psychological barrier that prevented to reach the same goal. What I can tell you is that I expected much more cooperation from journalists and the “echo effect” from the social media.
Nevertheless, I need to thank who supported me the most during this campaign, i.e. Suzanna Litwin from HP and Vera Schneider from SuSE , who pushed really hard on all the social networks.
Many thanks also goes to Jeff Cotten (Managing Director of Rackspace International), Gianluca Pancaccini (CIO of Telecom Italia) and Ralf Flaxa (Vice President of Engineering at SUSE): they provided great quotes to sustain my ebook during the campaign.
But most,  I need to thank all the donors who contributed to help the Nepalese population. I will contact them one-by-one to give a personal thank you message.
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