I am pleased to announce that the 11th release of OpenStack, codename Kilo, has been released. This release is a  turning point for the open source project with contributions from nearly 1,500 developers and 169 organizations worldwide.

What’s new?

Nova – Kilo offers new API with v2.1. Microversions will provide reliable, strongly validated API definitions for the future, which means it will be easier to write long-lived applications against compute functionality. Very important for operations is live upgrades when a database schema change is required, in addition to better support for changing the resources of a running VM.
Cinder – Major updates for backend storage systems, which now has 70 supported storage systems. Also, users can now attach a volume to multiple compute instances: this open up options for using  shared filesystems or migrating traditional HA environments, say based to Corosync or Veritas cluster.
Swift – Big news is  erasure coding, providing  efficient and cost-effective storage. Kilo also offers improvements to global cluster replication and storage policy metrics.
Neutron – The load-balancing-as-a-service is even more mature. Great focus on the support of NFV on this release, ex: port security for OpenVSwitch, VLAN transparency and MTU API extensions.
Keystone – has now  identity federation to support hybrid workloads in multi-cloud environments.
Kilo has its first full release of the Ironic bare-metal provisioning project with support for existing VM workloads and adoption of emerging technologies like Linux containers, platform-as-a-service and NFV.  Ironic is already used in production environments including Rackspace Private Cloud and HP Helion

Know more on OpenStack

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