I still could not believe 6 years have been passed since that day, August 27th 2008, when  GARL was born. And still could not believe what I have accomplished so far.
At the beginning it was just myself working for Symantec as a penetration tester, but nothing really happened until mid 2010, when I did a vulnerability assessment for a premier Radio/TV station in Europe. With a single password guessed in a Web Mail, I was able escalate privileges and penetrate into the TV stream, the radio stream, the TeleText and the global “intelligent” power management. It was time for a change and in an hotel room the idea of SecurePass was born.
At the same time, another thing was clear to me: IT will become more and more a commodity and there’s high risk that IT will become no different than retail chains. Either you work for big companies like Google or Facebook, or you work as a small company on behalf of bigger chains. I had to face a choice: the “easy path” of working for bigger companies or the “hard way” of becoming a vendor myself. Guess what, I chose the latter.
It took more than one year of development and one year of secret testing, but in 2012 SecurePass was commercially available. I always said that GARL won’t be a big company such as Google or Facebook, but I could not expect what happened.
We recently opened a new office in the Zurich area, along our Lugano and London offices, with plans for more locations.
We’re constantly getting new customers and we think that’s the right momentum: US products are a concern for security and people start realizing how cloud is important for their business.