It’s time to sit down and think about the past year. This 2013 was definitively one of the busiest of my career, I’ve never traveled so much, mostly across Telcos, ISPs and biggest companies of Germany, UK and Switzerland. But it was as well one of the worse year in security, especially when it comes to passwords.
Crackers were able to get Adobe encrypted passwords for approximately 38 million active users.  Evernote had a security breach with stolen information from the user base, forcing them to reset all passwords. And more than 2 million accounts have been compromised from popular sites such as Google, Yahoo, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn after malware captured login credentials from users worldwide. This just to mention some highlights of this year in the consumer space.
Just imagine what happened o could potentially happen in a corporate environment and how many trade secrets, inventions and personal confidential information are at risk. Passwords are definitively over and cannot be considered a secure method to protect information in a cloud world. That’s why I consider 2014 the year of Cloud IAM (Identity & Access Management).
What am I doing to help?

Let me thank you publicily my wife Maria, she’s sustaining me on my decisions and she understands the massive amount of travel I am doing. A big thank you goes to Donatella, my right-hand woman and my invaluable assistant, as well as all my staff at GARL.
Wish you and your families a joyful 2014.
Giuseppe Paternò