No matter if you are a lonely system administrator or the CTO of the largest carrier in the World, getting to know what’s out there is a jungle. Is VMware still the lead? I’ve heard about OpenStack, how mature is that? And what this “Ganeti” I’ve never heard of?
Well, here I am. Guess what, you’re not the only one asking these questions. I traveled most of Europe hearing world’s most famous enterprises, banks and telcos and also in contact with many vendors’ labs, from San Francisco to Munich.
In my publication “Comparing IaaS: VMware vs OpenStack vs Google’s Ganeti” I just wish to give a quick overview of the state-of-the-art in the IaaS and virtualization world. This is not a sales or marketing presentation: no vaporware, just pure and real experience from the field.
Special thanks to all my friends Google engineering (Michele, Guido and Helga), the OpenStack community manager Stefano Maffulli and all colleagues and former colleagues (rackers and HP 🙂 and all the guys from the Green Research and Technology Network (GRNET).
Enjoy the slides and stay tuned on my twitter channel on @gpaterno