A couple of weeks ago I was visiting a friend of mine, who is an IT manager of a well known Italian media company.
The pain point he was rising was about managing access from mobile devices and employee personal laptops, most often Mac hardware and he was seeking for a product to solve his pain. This is what marketing guys call it the BYOD problem.
The wrong approach is seeking for a “box” (= product) that is able to fix your issues. While you can enable 802.1x on your network, you can still join the network with an unmanaged device if you have a valid authentication and you can’t enable a NAC. But how to limit access to data is a total different story.
In my humble opinion, with the introduction of different (unmanaged) devices, more and more we have to focus on protecting data and who is accessing what, not what kind of device can access the network.
The key message people should understand is that you have to have a strategy to protect your data.
In these short slides I tried to explain the concept in a non-technical way what is the correct approach: happy reading!
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