I haven’t been in touch with you for a good while. I just want to update you on what is keeping myself (and us) busy on security and identity.
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tf65HT6cPOM&w=560&h=315]
This video shows a preview of RFID authentication with SecurePass. SecurePass is a service that allows easy strong authentication in your web applications, VPN, DMZ servers and all your internet services. We are integrating RFID tags to act as a username, so that the user can just swipe the card into a reader and provide only OTP+PIN to authenticate him/herself. We are not bound to a given RFID tag, but we are adopting open standards and the tag can be into a card or just a label in your mobile phone. If you already have a travel card, such as the one used in this video, or another MIFARE RFID/NFC capable card, just re-use that. Just to give another hint, ePassport are RFID compliant, therefore you will be able to integrate user authentication using passports in the long run.
The wonderful thing is that the effort to enable RFID in your application is ZERO! Yes, Z-E-R-O effort!! We are able to automatically detect RFID when comes in the form of username and translating the RFID tag to your username on-the-fly. And that will come part of SecurePass account at no additional costs. This is the philosophy of SecurePass: acting as a broker from any strong authenticatication technologies to simple to integrate protocols such as LDAP, RADIUS and web APIs.
The use of RFIDs opens up a world of new possibilities, for example physical access security or kiosk based authentication.
If your are interested in trying SecurePass, open your free account on http://www.secure-pass.net/open and get 5 users for free …. forever!
Discover how easy is integrating SecurePass into your environment. Most of your network equiment, like VPN devices, operating systems can work with SecurePass in a matter of minutes. Your Enterprise and web applications will integrate in less than a day. Check it out integration examples on http://www.secure-pass.net/wiki/index.php/Help:Contents