I will be presenting SecurePass at SMAU (Milan, Italy) on October 19th at 4pm. SecurePass defines a new type of cloud service, i.e. the Secure Identity Service Provider. The service have to meet precise business needs:

  1. scalable enough to serve small businesses to large European carriers and ISPs
  2. be channelled also through partners who can sell the service with their own product/brand
  3. ensure high availability, maximum security and confidentiality of data
  4. easy to integrate in customers’ environment
  5. easy to use and to interact

The creation of an innovative service -combined with business needs- has had multiple impacts on the technological implementation: in fact there is no commercial or open source software capable of addressing the features that the service implements. This talk explores the challenges presented and how they were resolved.
Register yourself for a free ticket at SMAU at the following address: www.smau.it/invite/giuseppepaterno
SecurePass web site is www.secure-pass.net